“Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret”


iGENE participated in the shooting of BBC Channel 4 Documentary: “Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret”


In June 2011, INFOVALLEY Group of Company has been recognized to provide a visualization technology; Digital Autopsy Technology for a documentary entitles Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret, produced by Blinks Film for BBC Channel 4. The documentary was first aired on October 24th, 2011. For the first time in the history, the inside and the outside of the freshly mummified body could be visualized digitally using a digital visualization technology developed by iGENE. Quite recently, the documentary, won The Royal Television Society Award for Science & Natural History, UK Award.


Group of experts including Archeologist, Chemist, Scientist and Forensic Pathologist was involved in replicating the way the Egyptians preserved bodies during the 18th century. Professor Dr. Peter Vanezis, the world-renowned UK Forensic Pathologist involved in removing the external organs of Alan. He also examined the mummy both physically and digitally using Digital Autopsy Technology and stated that it is a history made and in the making as the world could now understand and continue to learn about the science of mummification in years to come without having to destroy the invaluable body of Mr. Alan Billis.



A CT scan of Alan was taken prior to the embalming process, and after the mummification process ended. Alan’s body was scanned using standard CT scanner with a special protocol given by iGENE for pre and post-mummified visualization. He was scanned at a thickness of 625 microns (0.625mm), several times thinner than the 750 microns slices used to create the 3D visualization of the last Egyptian Mummy, King Tutankhamen.



The raw data was loaded into iDASSTM (Digital Autopsy Software System), whereby the mummy was rendered in 3D volume by reconstructing thousands of slices of CT scan raw images. A high definition 3D volume of Alan is constructed and visualized which allows researchers to distinguish finer details of the body was generated by iDASSTM. This allows the researchers that include a forensic pathologist, chemist and forensic anthropologist to analyze and have meaningful visualization of the mummy, most importantly, without invasion and destruction to the physical body. The mummified body of Alan has also presented with an opportunity to be studied on a time-scale over a long period using the Digital Autopsy Technology to appreciate changes in tissues and structures.




About the Documentary:


Title: Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret                                                                                        

Channel: Channel 4, aired 24th Oct 2011, 9pm

Cast and Crew - Blinks Films

Director: Kenny Scott                                                                                                                           

Executive Producer: Justine Kershaw, Gillian Mosely

Executive Producer: Gillian Mosely

Producer: Laura Jones

Visualization Technology: iGENE Sdn. Bhd. (a subsidiary of INFOVALLEY Group of Companies)