INFOVALLEY® Life Sciences Sdn Bhd

INFOVALLEY®Life Sciences Sdn. Bhd. aims to drive the realization of wellness potential by transforming “sickcare” to true healthcare. Molecular Screening Services ( is a genomics based concept promoted intensely among the clinical networks with the aim to provide a potent tool for next generation screening, diagnostics and prognosis. INFOVALLEY works closely with clinicians around the world to create awareness, education to both the clinicians and general public with a single objective of empowering the clinicians as a provider of the services and public as an educated consumer who chooses to lead a healthy life.

Molecular Screening Services establishes the molecular basis to the usually known clinical condition of a person. INFOVALLEY with its team of thought leaders, molecular scientists and technologists have created a comprehensive environment that makes available necessary and relevant knowledge base, internet based workflow management system and powerful visuals for effective dissemination of information. The solution driven environment is effective in assisting the clinicians to embrace the all new molecular technologies in addition to creation of empowerment among public by taking the lead in one’s health management.