Classroom training to Bachelor of Medical Science Student of MSU

Being famous as a technology frontier in Advanced Medical Informatics,  INFOVALLEY has given opportunity to conduct a one day classroom training session with Bachelor student in Medical Sciences of Management and Science University (MSU). About 40 bachelor students are involved in the training which is held at INFOVALLEY INNOVATION CENTRE (IIC) on 11th of March 2011.

The training given was about Introduction to Forensic Imaging and Visualization. Three INFOVALLEY in house expert were pick to give a presentation on selected topic. They are, Dr. Jahedi, the Head of Medical Informatics was given presentation on Advanced Medical Visualization, Dr. Hemanth, Senior Medical Scientist given on Classical Autopsy and Forensic Visualization and Imaging, and lastly Miss Syazana, Forensic Scientist R&D was given a presentation on Imaging in Crime Scene Investigation. Followed by the presentation, all student are given some hands on training on iDASS and iCSI.

This short course on Forensic Visualization and Imaging has gained interest from the students. Good response and feedback was received from MSU students and the lecturers. In near future,  this will become a new branch of study in Advanced Forensic Science