DADS™ High Performance Computing System


High Performance Computing System

DADS™ is running on a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment which provides required performance and flexibility to grow and at the scale as demanded by the changing requirement of the end users. Integrated with XMilate™ Middleware Platform Solution, the servers delivers the critical components to virtualization and database performance and adapts to INFODADS™ software in real time, processing more tasks simultaneously.


System Storage


DADS™ employs Storage Area Network which offers unprecedented flexibility and unlimited growth – all within a system designed for continuous availability. SAN storage store data in block level not in file level, enable data move automate from tier to tier, provisioning storage pool without restriction. The highlight of the SAN system are:

  • Modular scalable system
  • Automated tiered storage
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Server Virtualisation
  • Remote replication
  • Continuous Snapshots
  • Centralized Management


System Backup and Recovery


Disaster recovery is performed from Modular Tape and disk storage. The procedure is followed in the case of disk failure in short-term level storage as it pertains to preservation of data (including restoration of data), continued device operation, performance, new image storage, retrieval requests and other vital functions. Tape Library is the ideal backup/archive solution as its easily to removed, replaced, and added without removing the autoloader/library from the rack.


System Security


DADS™facility is guarded by Unified Threat Management System, which its features including firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, Web filtering, antispam, antivirus, antispyware, traffic shaping and IM/P2P controls prevent blended attacks or unauthorized use from interrupting business. The high performance computing system is also governed by Server monitoring software which autodetect running servers, pc's and other equipment in network.The system includes the Environment Sensor (Temperature/ Humidity Sensor, Power Sensor, Flooding, Water detection sensor for the server room.


DADS™is empowered by Wireless Sensor Network which is based on short-range wireless system-on-chip systems designed for high performance and large scale wireless networking requirements. Each wireless sensor is equipped with two-way wireless communication capability from ranges beyond 100 meters, powered by a single coin battery that provide years of use. It  provide a seamless, intelligent and automated wireless tracking and monitoring functionalities in locating high value, movable assets, or authorized and registered personnel, or other tagged items (i.e: forensic samples, bags) within the DADS™facility.