Digital Autopsy Diagnostics Station


Digital Autopsy Diagnostics Station (DADS™) is an original concept conceived and developed by INFOVALLEY® based on its earlier success with the predecessor Digital Autopsy Facility (DAF). Forensic pathologists in the process of conducting the post mortems have to collect, collate, analyze & inter pret heterogeneous data that are related to the particular cases. This involves wide area of sciences such as crime scene investigation, forensic human identification (DNA Fingerprinting), microbiology, histopathology, toxicology, forensic entomology, forensic diatomology etc, This heterogeneity is further compounded by multi-disciplinary scientific outputs and diverse data format produced by an array of specialized equipments. The forensic pathologist will eventually represent this complex equation of scientific output in a unified and harmonized manner in order to establish the cause and manner of death. This is the principle and philosophy of the DADS™.


Digital Autopsy Diagnostics Station (DADS™) is a complete end-to-end enterprise solution, catering for large forensic centers or a R&D environment of a Forensic Medicine Centre of Excellence that is normally found in University Hospital settings. DADS™ is capable of handling large number and complex cases, by providing comprehensive digital technologies and visualization tools for forensic medicine and sciences examination. Hence, DADS™ facility is the most fertile environment for forensic investigations, education, research and development and skills development.


Digital Autopsy Diagnostics Station consists of:


  • The Software System: INFODADS™, a complete suite of software system empowering Digital Autopsy Diagnostics Station to function in a seamless manner covering all forensic specializations, such as:

    • Forensic Workflow Management (Facility Management, Dead Body Registration and Management, Biological Evidence Management, Tomography Management

    • Forensic Medicine (Digital Autopsy Software System, Forensic Odontology, Histopathology Analysis and Management, Disaster Victim Identification, Forensic Exhumation)

    • Forensic Sciences (Toxicology Analysis and Management, Microbiology Analysis and Management, Human Identification System -DNA Fingerprinting, Entomology Analysis and Management, Diatomology Analysis and Management, Crime Scene Investigation)


  • High Performance Computing System and Storage Area Network


  • Embedded technologies for integration of radio-imaging equipments (MSCT Scanner), molecular instruments (genetic Analyzer, Real Time PCR, MALDI TOF MS, LCMSMS, GCMS, Digital Histopathology system)


  • Embedded technologies for integration of barcode scanner, medical dictation software, Smart Identification Cards Scanner, biometrics  scanner, wireless sensors.