i3DASS™ is a true 3D visualization system empowered by the company proprietary iDASS™ for 3D demonstration of anatomical scenes of real human body visualization without any stereoscopic glasses while the professionals are manipulating the 3D body. It is based on 3DI’s patented 3-D technologies like the Parallex barrier and CLD, which sit behind the screen of a TV display, provides an autostereoscopic 3-D view.
The 3-D impression can be realised by using multiple views of one image and combines them into one single image. The resulting image can be viewed in 3-D from different perspectives and distances. The 3D body which is generated using the company's proprietary forensic visualisation software system- iDASS, is transfered to the 3d stereoscopic screen and allow the audience to have glass-less experience of the 3D viewing of the real body.