iCSI™ Features and Functionalities

iCSI™ is used to document and observe and even measure the complete information for crime scene investigation and forensic analysis. Based on 360 degree panoramic images, is a multi-media tool which integrates original crime scenes, interactive map with radar effect, detailed images, slideshow movie, texts, audios, links, thumbnails, etc.The main features and functionalities include:


3D Reconstruction

Compared with conventional photograph, the field of view of the images in reaches 360 degree, far wider than the former. Crime scene investigators will have an overall idea on the place and never lose any suspicious clew. However, it is not just an album of photographs with 360 degree field of view, but is kind of crime scene reconstruction integrating many elements, which brings the user back to the actual place where crime happens, and offers the user the opportunity to find the reality in a virtual environment.

3D Measurement

In iCSI™, the user can measure the distance of any two points in 360 degrees panorama. The measuring result can be accurate to millimetre. Panoramic images captured at the scene allow investigators to study the crime scene months or years later with unprecedented fidelity. Whenever the crime scene investigator needs specific crime scene information for example how far is the weapon located from the victim or whats the distance between the blood splatters on the wall and the victim. The user can always use the software the recreate the virtual crime scene for measurement without the need of visiting the actual crime scene.

High Resolution 3D Crime Scene

By using high resolution digital SLR camera, iCSI™ can generate a high resolution virtual crime scene. Even small details that may not seem important at the time of the initial investigation are captured with enough detail that they can be studied months or even years later. The performance of the digital camera, including resolution, effective pixels and imaging quality will affect the accuracy of measuring result. Images from the Fish eye lens contain more dynamic range than typical film images and the panoramic measurement depends on the pixels of the orginal images. Hence, it was recommended that the DSLR should be more than 10 million effective pixels.

Crime Scene Documentation

iCSI™ have the capabilities of Integrating the crime scenes with map, radar effect, detailed image for evidence, text description, simulation video, which prove its great significance during crime scene investigation. As such, the crime scene investigators can consolidate all the visual and audio findings of crime scene in one single ‘documentation’ which allows an integrated approach of crime scene investigation and analysis.