iCSI™ Toolkit Application

iCSI™ can be applied during the process of crime scene investigation as well as case study. There are some main applications of this solution.


1. Crime scene investigation and documentation

iCSI™ captures 360 degree field of view, and enables investigators to view the crime scene with an overall idea, and gives the possibility to see every detail. It can also be used as presentation in courtroom and forensic meetings, which is much better than any other evidence and language description.


2. Case study and analysis

Reconstructing a virtual reality environment, this solution makes it easy for the user to control the information that provided by the suspect even the user have not been the crime scene, as the user will have immersive and real feeling of being the right place, which also makes the presentation and analysis become simple and explicit.


3. Training of staff

Due to the unique characters of the solution, it can be used in training staff. Giving the virtual environment to the user staff, they are able to see and feel what happened in the exact crime scene and simulate to join in a real case.



Main Advantages:

iCSI™ has many distinctive features, whereby it overcomes the limits of conventional way to represent and describe crime scene, giving the user a fresh experience. Not only observe the crime scene, the user can also wander in the crime scene just like going back to the actual place


  • Photograph is the most widely used way for crime scene investigation. Compared with flat photography, iCSI™ gives the user the possibility to zoom and navigate the images, add interactive map, texts, links, etc. The user can integrate normal photographs into it as well. It is a relatively more objective way to reflect all information in crime scene. The user may add an interactive map to the virtual tour, which tells the user the correct direction of the crime scene.


  • Provides an easy way to reconstruct a 3D crime scene through photographs and offers unparalleled features, bring the crime scene investigators virtually to the crime scenes and enables them to tour through the scene.


  • Navigational tool for further analysis (All required elements combined together in one tool )
  1. Interactive: 3D measurement/Zoom in/Zoom out/Navigate vertically and horizontally
  2. Immersive: User has full control of the crime scene information
  3. Informative: 360 degree field view of the crime scene
  4. Integrative: Crime scene panoramas, Interactive map, Slideshows, Still images, Texts, Links, Thumbnails, Customizable features and publisher skin