iCSI ® Toolkit

Crime Scene Investigation (iCSI™)Toolbox is a digital visualization solution for crime scene investigation. Based on 360 degree panoramas and providing 3D measurement feature, iCSI™ gives an easy way to reconstruct a crime scene through photos and offers unparalleled features to crime scene investigators, which takes them back to the crime scenes and enables them to wander through the scene.


With iCSI™, the user can look at the scene and get an accurate measurement of important objects from any angle and have an overall idea on the place without losing any suspicious clew. The user can zoom, pan, tilt and rotate the scene while considering the fact of the crime, as if the person were really on the scene. A picture is supposedly worth thousand words, and a virtual tour of crime scene could be a piece of evidence that convinces the jury.



ICSI™ includes the following main features:


3D Reconstruction
ICSI™ provides an easy way to reconstruct a 3D crime scene through photographs and offers unparalleled features for crime scene investigators


3D Measurement
Accurately measure the distance of any two points in the 3D panorama with ICSI™ Publisher.


Generate a complete crime scene documentation quickly and easily