Digital Autopsy Software Solution or iDASS™ in short, is the forensic specific 3D visualization engine for Digital Autopsy. iDASS™  enables the users to do Volume Rendering and Real Time Viewing of the Digital Body from the 3000 to 5000 DICOM slices obtained from MSCT after Whole Body Scanning. The system incorporated various INFOVALLEY® proprietary technology such as LDM™ for efficient management of large output data of the Whole Body Scanning and inbuilt DICOM parser which Forensic pathologist can upload external DICOM images for 3D reconstruction & analysis.


Forensic pathologist has the option to do a friendly set-up of slice stack up to at least 2000 images with reconstruction time of not more than 2 minutes to generate the digital body in 3D. iDASS™ has forensic specific 3D, MPR and 2D capabilities whereby the forensic pathologist is able to carry following described functionalities like MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection), SSD (Shaded Surface Display) and reformatting of the Digital Body.



  • 3D Viewer
  • MPR Viewer (Multi-Planar Reformation: Axial, Sagittal and Coronal plane)
  • 3D + MPR Viewer (MPR can be viewed along with 3D volume)
  • 2D Viewer (Axial viewer)

Inbuilt presets

Image 1: Presets

Different layers of the digital body (feet)

Image 2: Preset Skin, Muscle, Bone

Preset Organ

Image 3: Preset Organ


  • Dynamic MPR viewer
  • Auto Metal Tracking to track the foreign metal inside the body (Metallic prosthesis, Bullet, Bullet fragments)
  • Dynamic 3D+MPR to locate the exact position of the internal findings/pathology in MPR, 2D and 3D
  • Import of the images to the Post Mortem Report


Image 4: Multiplanar Reconstructions (MPR)


Auto Metal Tracking

Image 5: Auto Metal Tracking (AMT)


3D + MPR Cross Hair

Image 6: 3D + MPR Cross Hair


iDASS™ is running on the visualization workstation display matrix of UltraSharp(TM) 30" Flat Panel LCD Monitor (Analog & DVI): 2560 X 1600, with 1.5GB NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 Graphic Card, as well as DADS™Smart LCD Screen. DADS™Smart LCD Screen allows forensic pathologists to examine digital representations of real bodies in minute detail by manipulating digital bodies using touch and finger gestures similar to procedures in the classical autopsy.


iDASS on DADS™ Smart Touch LCD Screen and High Performance Visualisation Graphic workstation

IDASS visualization module and Work Station for Alan Billis