INFOHaem™ MSS Can12™ Test Result

What do the results of the  Can12™ Predisposition Test for Cancers mean?


Your cancer risk classification is determined according to both your clinical and molecular risk profiles. The cancer risk classification can be stratified into three categories: High Risk, Moderate Risk and Mild Risk.

High Risk

High Risk indicates that the test-taker’s probability of developing a full-blown cancer in his/her lifetime is much higher than that of the general population. An active intervention is advised. Lifestyle change is a must, and the medical professional should draw up a plan for frequent cancer-specific medical checkup for the test-taker.

Moderate Risk

Moderate Risk indicates that the test-taker is slightly more likely than the general population to develop a full-blown cancer in his/her lifetime. There is no cause for alarm. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and receiving regular medical checkup are sufficient to keep cancer at bay.

Mild Risk

Mild Risk indicates that the test-taker’s risk of developing a full-blown cancer within his/her lifetime is either the same as, or lower than, the general population. The medical professional may suggest the needs of regular medical consultation and should inform the test-taker to maintain his/her healthy lifestyle, in order to maximize his/her quality of life.