Digital Autopsy Software System- INFOPSY®


INFOPSY® is the Digital Autopsy software solution for Forensic Pathologist to conduct crime scene investigation, autopsy and forensic odontology using digital visualisation techniques. INFOPSY® is consisting of 7 different modules shown as below:


Digital Autopsy Facility Management


This is a comprehensive management and administration module for supervision of the facility. It has been designed to closely resemble the routine, daily working of the Chief Forensic Pathologist of a Forensic Department, who does the duties of the Administrator. It has various fucntion such as user management, work list creation, assigning/Ordering of cases, case status tracking, generation of statistical and departmental reports.


Dead Body Management System


This is the comprehensive Forensic specific dead body management system. It has the features to register all the cases/ bodies coming to the Digital Autopsy Facility. This could be Hospital death or non hospital death cases, Known or anonymous cases. This is fully integrated with Finger print reader and MyKad reader to automate the process of registration, avoid subjective errors and to be prepared for the casualties/fatalities of mass disasters. In the event of the positive identification, the deceased personal information is automatically fed into the system and registeredas a new case. iDBMS has an integrated document managementfunction which allow the storage, management and control of all the documents associated with forensic investigation. Upon case registration, The system will generate barcode tags which will be attached to the dead body, evidence sample bag and finalpost mortem report. This will ensure that the chain of custody management and real time tracking of the body and evidence.


Tomography Management System


This is the comprehensive forensic specific Tomography Management system of INFOPSY™ for Radio-technician. Radio Technician  will be instantly notified of the cases registered and assigned to doctors through the INFOPSY™ Notifier. The module has the work list  function which shows all the cases requiring Whole Body Scanning can schedule them, re-schedule if necessary and once the Whole Body Scanning is completed, The system perform QC check and quick and easy measurement of the number of raw DICOM images with display of transfer time. All the DICOM images generated by the modality are transferred to the server automatically. Images are parsed on the server and get stored in hierarchical manner. The system will distribute the DICOM files after retrieving from the server and create .dcm directory to be displayed/viewed on the visualization work station. Hence the system govern and control the entire process of body scanning till the point of DICOM data being stored securedly in the Storage Network System.


Digital Autopsy Software System (iDASS™)


This is a comprehensive custom built 3D visualisation application for forensic autopsy designed specifically for Forensic Pathologist. The system enables the users to do Volume Rendering and Real Time Viewing of the Digital Body from the 3000 to 5000 DICOM slices obtained from MSCT after Whole Body Scanning. Forensic pathologist has the option to do a friendly set-up of slice stack up to at least 2000 images with reconstruction time of not more than 2 minutes. The system has forensic specific 3D, MPR and 2D capabilities of which can be navigated easily using user friendly navigational tools. Forensic Pathologist is able to carry following described functionalities like MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection), SSD (Shaded Surface Display) and reformatting of the Digital Body. The Digital Autopsy Software System runs on the high resolution visualization display and high processing graphic computing system, as well as DADS™ Smart LCD Screen. DADS™ Smart LCD Screen allows Forensic Pathologist to examine digital representations of real bodies in minute detail by manipulating digital bodies using touch and finger gestures similar to procedures in the classical autopsy. 
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Forensic Odontology (iFOD™)


This is a comprehensive Forensic specific Odontology module with extensive features described below. All ante-mortem and post mortem Dental records are captured whereby the system has an unique feature of e-dental chart for rapid recording of dental records. It has multiple features which capture details such as bite mark analysis, salivary DNA analysis, lip print analysis and dental remains examination.

Crime Scene Investigation (iCSI™)


INFOPSY™ provides a distinctive virtual reality solution for crime scene investigation and reconstruction, which is used to document and observe complete information of crime scene. Based on 360 degree panoramic images, it  is a Forensic specific tool which integrates panoramic crime scenes images, still images, interactive map, slideshow, texts, audios, links, thumbnails, etc. It provides an easy way to reconstruct a 3D crime scene through photographs and offers unparalleled features to crime scene investigators, which takes Forensic Pathologist virtually to the crime scenes and enables them to tour through the scene.

Post Mortem Reporting (iPMR™)


INFOPSY™’s Post Mortem Reporting Module was designed in compliance with the American College of Pathology (ACP) post mortem reporting guidelines. It is also in line with the United Nations (UN) Protocol for handling of human remains. This enables the Forensic Pathologist to come out with a standard post mortem report or specific, customized report template for reporting. The sub sections in the post mortem report consist of general Information, External Examination, Internal Examination, summary of findings and laboratory samples submission details.