MSS Can12™ Test Result

What do the results of the Predisposition Test for Cancers mean?


Your cancer risk classification is determined according to both your clinical and molecular risk profiles. The cancer risk classification can be stratified into three categories: High Risk, Moderate Risk and Mild Risk.

High Risk

High Risk indicates that your probability of developing a full-blown cancer in your lifetime is much higher than that of the general population. An active intervention is advised. Lifestyle change is a must, and frequent cancer-specific medical checkup is highly recommended.

Moderate Risk

Moderate Risk indicates that you are slightly more likely than the general population to develop a full-blown cancer in your lifetime. There is no cause for alarm. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and receiving regular medical checkup are sufficient to keep cancer at bay.

Mild Risk

Mild Risk indicates that your risk of developing a full-blown cancer within your lifetime is either the same as, or lower than, the general population. Just keep maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and consult with your physician for the need of regular medical checkup in order to maximize your quality of life.