Why INFOHaem™ MSS Can12™

Why I should recommend  INFOHaem™ MSS Can12™ to my clients?


The Predisposition Test for Cancers can ascertain if a cancer risk-associated or protective SNP is present. By combining the molecular and clinical data, a risk profile can be established for the test-takers. By collaborating with our in-house medical professionals and scientists, the risk profile will assist you in drawing up a personalized counseling and intervention strategies for the test-takers. This is especially important for test-takers who receive unfavorable test outcomes, since, with the right strategy, the onset of most cancers can be prevented or delayed. In addition, with proper medical check-ups, cancer can be detected at its early stage, which is associated with a high survival rate. Ultimately, we offer an opportunity to healthcare providers to stay at the forefront in our drive towards the age of personalized and molecular medicine.